Starter Plan - Package Changes

  • July 23, 2010 by Mark Artyniuk
Effective August 15 - 2010 Os Web Hosting will be altering our shared hosting packages.  The starter plans will be replaced with a single $12.95 per month plan that will be based in the cloud hosting environment.

The new plan will include:
10 Gigabytes of disk space
100 Gigabytes of high speed monthly bandwidth
Cpanel with multiple versions of PHP installed
nightly backups
Reseller, VPS, and dedicated plans will NOT be affected by this change.

The aim is to shift into the premium shared hosting market so we can continue to provide the highest quality hosting environments as well as 24/7 pro active support as we have always done.  As much as we dislike increasing prices, this change is necessary for the good of our staff, clients, and our equipment.