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  • Topsite Server Exploit II

    August 6, 2009 by Mark Artyniuk
  • The topsite server was exploited today, the hacker has injected malicious script at the end of many files.  Please review your topsites and ensure any injected code is removed.  We can restore a backup for you upon request but that might not clear up the problem in all cases.  So far the extent of the damage is only to the files, not the database so in most cases you can restore your own file backups and this will solve the problem.

    Google might be blocking your domain as an attack site, if this is the case login to google webmaster tools and request them to re-scan your domain.  We are working closely with the security team at the datacenter to find the security hole and patch it asap to prevent future attacks.  If you haveb any questions, login to the client area and open a support ticket.

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