Datacenter Lawsuit

  • April 6, 2014 by Mark Artyniuk
Some very disturbing facts have come to light about the operators of our Los Angeles Datacenter, these facts make us very uncomfortable and we are taking immediate action to distance ourselves from this company.  We have only 1 server with this company, and have been with them for nearly 10 years with fairly good service.  All of that has changed this week.

There is 120+ page thread on web hosting talk about this fiasco, but I will summarize here.

On March 30 the same company shut down an entire datacenter in Scranton PA (evicted).

Most servers were unplugged, loaded into a truck and moved 600+ miles to a new facility

Some servers owned by hosts were apparently left behind.

Any colo customers who were moved are now paying much higher rates each month

There is at least 2 pending lawsuits against this company for unpaid equipment and electrical contracts.

Our server in LA continues to operate just fine, but I have provisioned a new server in Michigan that will take its place, in the coming days all clients will be moved to this new server and we will close our account in Los Angeles.  We don't want to take any chances that these guys will do something silly, the company was bought out and new management seems to be quite disconnected from the hosting world.  Migrations away will begin as soon as the new server has completed testing, there will be minimal downtime during the migration while IP's propagate, but we have taken steps and lowered TTL values to accomplish as close to zero downtime migration as possible.

Migrations will begin 5PM MST April 8 for customers with traffic based in EU
Migrations will begin 11PM MST April 8 for customers with traffic based in North America

if you have any questions, do not hesitate to open a support ticket.